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Provide accessible, affordable, premium quality motorcycle rider training education consistent with the tenets of adult learning and motor skill principles.


Fellow Riders,

On behalf of Motorcycle Training Institute Inc, I welcome you to our state-of-the-art training facilities. Motorcycle safety is a topic that I have developed a passion for. Early on it became abundantly clear to me that improved rider control is a function of instruction and practice. Riding atop a motorcycle traveling in a straight line is a simple enough task. Sometimes the ease with which it is accomplished may mask how very dangerous riding a motorcycle can be. The rider often is not aware of the skill set required to successfully overcome the hazards presented when riding.

Motorcycle riding instruction and practice put the rider in touch with the skill set required. The rider has an opportunity to get in touch with, within the relative safety of the range, their riding skill strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully this experience will set the tone for continued education and practice which will benefit you, the rider, as well as the other users of the roadway.

We hope your experience with us is pleasant and informative.

We invite you to express your comments.


Steven Paul Zarbatany



MTII is recognized nationally as a premiere training provider, MTII is dedicated to motorcycle safety education. MTII has full-time Training Centers throughout Florida. Select a course for site locations and schedules.


MTII was established in 1998 by Steven Paul Zarbatany and is now the premier training provider. With a dedication to customer service, the tenets of adult learning, motor skill development and cutting edge technology MTII has continued to grow.

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"AMAZING INSTRUCTION!! Premiere Instructors!! Hands down the BEST!! KUDOS!!!"

Valery H - October 18, 2017

"Great time taking this course! The coaches were awesome. I recommend this course for anyone looking to get their endorsement. two thumbs up!""

Mike K - February 13, 2018

"Great learning experience everyone was kind and friendly instructor was great"

Lisa M - November 11, 2019

"Great staff! Great teaching methods! Great at helping anyone build that comfort level needed to ride!"

Danny R - September 21, 2019

MTII Training Centers and Dealer REPP Locations

MTII has numerous Training Centers in Florida offering training year round. MTII also offers courses through our Dealer REPP program. Our Dealer REPP partners recognize the need to offer quality affordable training to their customers. Many of the dealers in the our network offer promotions and tuition discounts just for visiting their locations! Learn more about where we are...


Basic RiderCourse

The entry level course for new and returning riders or those who need the motorcycle endorsement. This is the only course currently approved in Florida for licensing.

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3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse

For novice riders and those who want to get their motorcycle endorsement to ride 3 wheel motorcycles. The course is sponsored by Can-Am Onroad.

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Basic Bike Bonding RiderCourse

The next step for riders who want to gain more confidence and have a huge amount of fun doing it! Control at slow speeds is one of the key areas this class helps you focus on.

View details »

Basic RiderCourse 2

The BRC was developed to address the critical skills and knowledge needed for relatively low risk, enjoyable on-street motorcycling. The BRC teaches advanced braking and swerving skills and traction management.

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Advanced RiderCourse

The Advanced RiderCourse is a one-day course for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques.

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Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse

Bike Bonding refers to the connection and interaction of the rider and motorcycle. Bike Bonding brings a new level of excitement to our RideCourse offerings.

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In today's economy motorcycles and motorcycling are an economical and environmentally good choice as an alternative means of transportation. To help, MTII offers the Financial Aid Program.


Community involvement since 1998. MTII participates locally and nationally in special events supporting and promoting motorcycle safety and awareness. Want to see us at your next motorcycle event to promote rider education and safety give us a call.


MTII has supporters throughout Florida that proudly support for rider education by displaying our brochures and posters. When you visit one of our supporters take a moment to let them know how valuable their support is to you as a rider.