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The Riding Academy New Rider Course is a premiere course offered by select Harley-Davidson locations. It utilizes the MSF's newest version of the Basic RiderCourse with the classroom offered 100% on-line. When you register for your class you will be able to take the online component anytime before your first riding session. The ePackage 1, or eP1, can be completed in one or multiple sessions. The eP1 will remember your place as you progress through the program. The total online time is approximately five hours.

Learn in the comfort of your own home or while relaxing at your favorite Starbucks!

The course includes basic motorcycle operation, maximum effective braking techniques, turning skills, obstacle avoidance maneuvers, classroom instruction and ten hours of "on cycle" training.

RiderCoaches for the program are all experienced motorcycle operators who are nationally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Student workbooks, helmets and motorcycles are provided by MTII.


MTII Dealer R.E.P.P.

Take class at a premier training location. Our Dealer R.E.P.P. sponsors provide support efforts along with offering tuition specials!

Peterson's Miami Harley-Davidson

RockStar Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers

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We offer more than a class, we offer an experience!

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In today's economy motorcycles and motorcycling are an economical and environmentally good choice as an alternative means of transportation. To help, MTII offers the Financial Aid Program.


Community involvement since 1998. MTII participates locally and nationally in special events supporting and promoting motorcycle safety and awareness. Want to see us at your next motorcycle event to promote rider education and safety give us a call.


MTII has supporters throughout Florida that proudly support for rider education by displaying our brochures and posters. When you visit one of our supporters take a moment to let them know how valuable their support is to you as a rider.