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MTII has been capturing the experience since 2002. Find your class pictures here by Year, County, and Training Center:

MTII started capturing the experience with Class Pictures in 2002.

See your pictures anytime from our dedicated photos server. Class pictures will be posted shortly after class for you to enjoy and share. Become an MTII Facebook Fan and receive an update when class pictures are posted.

Class pictures have been a part of the MTII Difference since 2002. It started with a just a few pictures of the group and individual images with the bikes. The response was overwhelming. We quickly realized that Class PIctures had a much greater role to play in making the MTII Difference.

MTII Class Pictures Process established procedures and standards to capture group, individual, and action shots using the latest all-weather cameras. These images are processed and hosted for permanent archiving on our web server.

The pictures are your's to download and share with family and friends. There is no time limit and they will remain on our servers until the internet breaks or is replaced by direct mind transfer of information.

- Enjoy...

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