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Since 1998 Motorcycle Training Institute, Inc. has been serving the South Florida community. MTII is now one of the largest training providers in the country with Training Centers in seven Florida counties and one in Georgia.

MTII was created by Steven Paul Zarbatany in 1998 out of his passion for motorcycling and the recognition that formal training is necessary to managing risk. Based in Miami, MTII started with a single riding range and classroom at the Hollywood Greyhound Track where Steven used to develop the training regiment for the Miami Harley-Davidson Drill Team.

MTII is recognized nationally as a premier training provider. With a dedication to providing the best experience to each and every customer through our life long learning philosophies. All MTII team members are dedicated to Continuous Improvement Opportunist from which each coach can draw upon their experiences and grow from their current state toward a future state. Each coach holds themselves accountable to become the best they can be and MTII fosters this process through it's RiderCoach Mentoring Program and Internal Quality Assurance Program.

Starting in 2002 MTII started it's Class Pictures with just a few shots of class hosted on our server. Today class photos have grown to full time process for every class with a dedicated photo server and now social linking with Facebook and Twitter.

MTII's community involvement ranges from our public support at local bike venues to our donation and scholarship programs with our partner schools. Event photos are also posted to our photos server as a reflection of motorcycling history in Florida.

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