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Dealer R.E.P.P. Partners

Strengthening the Customer/Dealership Bond Since 1998

• MTII Dealer Rider Education Partnership Program - Dealer R.E.P.P.

• Strengthens your customers' loyalty & appreciation

• Dealer R.E.P.P an extension of your dealership

• Training & Safety becomes branded with your dealership

• Adds to your community service & involvement

Dealer R.E.P.P. is a natural extension of the dealership experience. MTII becomes an extension of the dealership customer experience by providing the best safety training experience a rider could have. The overall experience is designed to look and feel as though it is part of your dealership. Customers are immersed into a custom tailored Dealership Experience from the beginning. From a dealer specific registration web site and call center to the in-class Dealer Experience Tour. MTII strengthens your customers' loyalty and appreciation of what you offer.

No other training provider can offer the quality and commitment of MTII to your dealership branding. Here are just some of the ways MTII makes the Difference:

  • Real time online registration through custom tailored Dealer Partnership Page
  • Your dealership custom call center answered as though part of your dealership
  • Dealer Experience Tour customized to your dealership to distinguish the many features of your brand
  • Co-branded brochuring to promote your program
  • Class pictures of the experience your customers have learning to ride and bonding
  • The MTII Quality Assurance guaranty to ensure the best experience possible for your customers
  • An extension of your dealership, MTII becomes a part of your customer service offerings

Dealership Commitment Levels

  • Provide training motorcycles
  • Sponsorship of a Training Center
  • Riding Gear: helmets, gloves, eyewear, etc.

MTII Sponsor

  • Loan program motorcycles
  • Riding Gear: helmets, gloves, eyewear, etc.
  • Training equipment: A/V, gas-caddies, etc.

MTII Supporters

  • Display MTII stand and poster
  • Recognition on MTII's web site
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