MTII partners with dealers across Florida to provide the highest quality training and a true VIP experience. Dealer tours and unique classroom experiences provided by our dealer partners make our Dealer REPP™ program second to none. Explore our partners listed below and register now!


MTII is committed to providing as safe a training environment as possible. We have adopted policies in alignment with those recommended by the CDC to keep all participants as safe a possible. In that effort and with respect to our Dealer REPP partners several of our Premier locations are closed due to the intimate classroom settings that do not allow for responsible social distancing. When the pandemic has been marginalized we will publish classes for those locations as they come back online. Please check back often.

We thank you for you patience, understanding, and commitment to helping stamp down this current pandemic crisis.

Since 1998 MTII has been offering a unique experience outside of the normal presentation of the rider courses. Our first Dealer REPP™ location was Peterson's Harley-Davidson. Long before the Harley-Davidson Motorcompany got involved with rider education, MTII created a unique "Dealer Centric" experience that took students into the dealer to expose participants to what made Peterson's best of bread.

Over the years more and more dealers have recognized the importance of rider safety education. It benefits the sport, the customer, and the industry. Safer riders become life long customers.

In addition to the safety message, rider safety training becoming synonymous with the dealer also helps break down barriers for new riders who may seem intimidated by the vast differences and choices involved in getting started with motorcycling.

Find one of our dealers and get started on an enjoyable journey into motorcycling that you wont get anywhere else!

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In today's economy motorcycles and motorcycling are an economical and environmentally good choice as an alternative means of transportation. To help, MTII offers the Financial Aid Program.


Community involvement since 1998. MTII participates locally and nationally in special events supporting and promoting motorcycle safety and awareness. Want to see us at your next motorcycle event to promote rider education and safety give us a call.


MTII has supporters throughout Florida that proudly support for rider education by displaying our brochures and posters. When you visit one of our supporters take a moment to let them know how valuable their support is to you as a rider.