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Certified: 1998


MSF RiderCoach Trainer

• Basic RiderCourse
• Basic RiderCourse 2

MSF RiderCoach

• Bike Bonding Basic RiderCourse
• Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse
• Scooter School 1

Retired Certifications

Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding & Street Skills
Harley-Davidson New Rider Course - Rider's Edge
Florida Driver License Examiner

Motorcycle Life


Harley-Davidson Road King

Professional Development

Basic Rider Course - Once
Keith Code School for Cornering - Once
Experienced Rider Course - 4 times
Scooter School 1 - Once
Motorcycle Rider Course: Riding and Street Skills - 4 times


State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
Florida Motorcycle Strategic Safety Plan - Subcommittee Member
Free Lance Writer – Motorcycle Safety Issues
Peterson’s Harley – Davidson Drill Team Coach, Retired
HOG Chapter 694 Rider Skills Coordinator, Retired
Steven Paul Zarbatany

President | RiderCoach Trainer

I have been riding a motorcycle since 1990. I always wanted to ride a motorcycle but my parents would not allow me to ride. It seemed that everyone around me supported the notion that I should not ride a motorcycle. My non riding friends and family were convinced that motorcycling should not be an activity undertaken by a responsible person. It took me until 1990 to break through that anti riding sentiment.
I must admit that I was very concerned about riding a vehicle that offered very little protection from the world at large. However the excitement of riding a motorcycle was too great a call to ignore.

My curiosity was aroused. How do I ride a motorcycle and mitigate the anxiety of everyone around me? Education is the answer. If I arm myself with knowledge then I can better address the issues at hand. I began my quest for motorcycling knowledge in 1990 and it continues today.

The more I know the better it gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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